Two Nepalese Nationals Are Behind Bars For Scamming People

Nepalese national

A man and  a woman are behind bars tonight, accused of fleecing tens of thousand dollars from innocent vulnerable Sydney siders. According to the NSW Police, these scammers are Nepalese nationals, residing in Sydney.

NSW Police described it as a despicable act. Furthermore, they says the alleged scammers are a part of international fraud syndicate and, deliberately targeting elderly people.

One of the victims, Terrisa Tusinkini said to 9NEWS, “I feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore.”

She added, after misplacing her credit card, she received a phone call on Saturday from someone claiming to be from commonwealth bank. The alleged scammer told her to correct her credit details. As soon as she corrected it, instantly four thousand dollars were disappeared from her account.

Police alleged 22 years old Neha Giri and her 19 years old boyfriend are behind the scam. Deputy Inspector Simon Glasser said, “It’s quite a despicable act, targeting out an elderly and vulnerable people.”

On Monday, detectives caught up with the pair when they targeted another victim, an eighty-five years old Telopia women. They went her house as a courier service and, convinced her to pay 3000 dollars for new account.

Police alleged the pairs are part of international  fraud syndicate, targeting elderly Australians. And, they may have been searching through people’s mailboxes to gain access personal banking details.

The duo, who were both Nepalese nationals, will remains behind bars until their next appearance in August.

How To Be Safe From These Scammers?

After this incident, police have requested the people to lock their mailboxes if possible. Scammers are stealing the mails to find out personal details, banking details and other details. 

Further, there was an increased scam activity comes amidst a surge in Australia as a result of people online shopping during the COVID-19 isolation period.

If you spot a scam you can report it to the ACCC’s Scamwatch and if you fear you have been a victim of identity theft, contact ID Care.

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