This Is How Emergency Call Work In No Network Zone

How Emergency Call Work

Mechanism Behind Emergency Call-In No Network Zone

Have you ever wondered why your phone show “emergency call only” when your mobile is out of the network?

Most of us all are shown emergency call only at some point in our life when we went to a somewhere remote area where there is no network coverage. So if your mobile phones don’t have network coverage then how it is possible to contact anyone even though it is an emergency?

Some people might think there is a complex mechanism inside the device which enables emergency calls in no network zone. However, it is not true. What actually happens is when your mobile network is not strong enough to make calls it uses the network of some other service provider whose available signal strength is strong enough to make the call. But obviously, it comes with a price and you are only restricted to ’emergency call’ so that you can call for help.

When the connectivity of your mobile device get lost, your mobile device gets connected on a “Roaming network”, only you have activated the service. Even though your roaming network is also not strong enough, your mobile devices catch any network available to make an emergency call.

You may want to check to see if your phone has a setting that allows you to make calls while “Roaming”. If you do this, your wireless carrier may charge more for calls.

In nutshell,

Remember, a SIM Card doesn’t pick up the signal. The antenna inside your phone does it. A SIM Card only has your phone number and carrier info. Emergency calls only means that your network is unavailable, but there are still other available mobile operators which allow the call to go through. Mostly, emergency calls don’t require your number and your mobile operator to go through.


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