Nearly 10,000 people infected with coronavirus in India in a single day

coronavirus in India
The biggest single-day spike of Corona positive in the country since the outbreak began.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in India is increasing daily.  According to the details made public by the government officials on Sunday, 9,971 people have been found infected in a single day. It is the biggest single-day spike in the country since the outbreak began.

Government officials said, “The death toll from the corona virus has risen to 287 in the past 24 hours.”

Total Number of People Infected With Coronavirus In India

According to the government officials, the most infected cases are new. Till today, the total number of infected people in India has reached 246,628 so far. According to the Ministry of Health, 120,406  out of total infected are still infected.

Maharashtra has the highest number of infected people in compare to other state. It has 82,968 infected cases till now. Similarly, Tamil Nadu has the second highest  number of infected people, a total of 30,152, since the outbreak of virus.

According to Health Ministry of India, 466,6386 people have been tested for Corona so far across the country. 142,069 out of that were tested within the last 24 hours.

In New Delhi, the capital, most public hospitals are full and crematoriums and graveyards are struggling to manage a rash of bodies.

New Delhi’s government has projected that cases in the capital area alone could expand to more than half a million by late July, and is considering taking over luxury hotels and stadiums to convert into field hospitals.

Despite there being no sign the infection curve flattening, the country will begin opening up on Monday after more than two months of the world’s largest lockdown. Shopping malls and places of worship will open their doors with strict social distancing rule.

Modi, who addressed the nation through his monthly radio program on Sunday, said India was faring better than other countries. However, experts warn that the pandemic is yet to peak in India.


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