Nadal And Djokovic Expressed Dissatisfaction On US Open 2020 Tennis New Rules

Nadal And Djokovic Unhappy With US Open 2020 Tennis Decisions

The Corona virus epidemic has affected all the sports around the world. Nearly after four months of shutdown, the organizers from most of the sports are speeding up to bring their relative sports back on track. Unfortunately, there haven’t been made any preparations for tennis so far.

With the return of football competition in some countries, including Europe, MMA and cricket have also come up with new schedules. In addition, even the horse racing is about to start in several countries, including UK, Ireland and Australia. This is a very good news for the fans of soccer, MMA, Cricket but no good news for the fans of tennis as there is still no any sign of tennis schedule.

The Corona Virus epidemic has already affected three Grand Slams this season, and to reduces the losses, ATP plans to host the US Open tennis tournament this Year. However, tennis players are not happy with federation’s move, including Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Djokovic and Nadal have expressed their dissatisfaction with the return of tennis. They were not happy with the way the Grand Slam is planning to come back.

Reason Behind Player’s Dissatisfaction 

According to Djokovic, the rules were extreme for the Grand Slam. Further, Serbian tennis star Djokovic added:

“Yesterday  I had a conversation with the top management. They plan to run the US Open by the end of August but there is no guarantee. The policy rules in the new schedule were a bit hard to follow and extreme. It will not be easy for us to stay at the airport hotel and test up to three times a week. It is not possible to have only one person in a club. We need a trainer, a fitness trainer and a physiotherapist. Let’s see what happens next.”

Nadal, one of the top tennis player, was also not happy with the current decisions. He made a statement:

“Unless an environment is created where we are safe, we will not return to the game. The new rules should be better and justifiable while focusing on the health and safety of all tennis player. If I am asked to play in the US Open, with this rules, I will refuse to take part in this tennis tournament.


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