Life Hacks For International Student: Complete Guide For Newcomers

life hacks for international student

A lot of hard work, by balancing job and study, can make life of International Student easier in Australia. However, not knowing how to do things the right way can ruin your life as newcomers. In this article, we are going to talk about some life hacks for international student which will help you to guide in Australia.

As a student, you encounter lots of new and exciting things along your way, from living independently to managing your own budget. On top of this, you must deal with stress of assignments and unemployment.

Firstly, as an international student, you need to focus towards controlling your expenditure. An easy way to keep on top of things is to note down your monthly budget. For instance, you need to live in shared accommodation which will cost you around 140$ per week. Further, you can avoid areas close to city as it will be expensive.

On top of this, cooking your own food will save a lot of money. However, if you don’t like cooking, grabbing special offers from Hungry Jacks, Laksa House and so on can be cheaper. Further, you can buy cheap and special price clothing and other stuff from Kmart, Harbor Town. You can also grab special prices groceries from Coles and Woolworths. However, we recommend you buy vegetables from local shops as it cost a lot cheaper.

Secondly, you can visit Gumtree, Job seeker and other websites to find a job. Its better to explore market areas by yourself than waiting for reply from employers. Beside these, doing aged care courses will help you to get a secure job with very good pay rate of $25-30 per hours. However, getting a job in Australia is a lot easier through recommendations.


Some Life Hacks For International Student To Improve Their Life In Australia

  • Always sticking with students from your country is not a good idea. Making other nationality friends will help you to widen your knowledge about their culture and improve your communication skill.
  • Do not keep job as your priority if you are here for study. Although earning more will make your life easier but it will make your path towards PR very hard.
  • Having relatives in Australia is great plus point. However, depending and trusting on them blindly is dangerous for your better life, specially for job. You can find a job by yourself if your try online or exploring marketplace.
  • Just remember, hard times will make you stronger and you will feel proud of yourself when you achieve a success. So, do not lose your hope ever.
  • You should never depend on your teammates for group assignment. If you are not happy with your teammates, escalate it to your lecturer. Just remember, your goal towards success is the most priority.
  • Being racist towards any community or nationality does not work here in Australia. You can even find some racist people within the community. But the truth is, you will find more generous people if you are nice to everyone.
  • Always be humble and down to earth for newcomers and be a guider to them. However, you may not get what you give but you will feel proud of yourself.
  • Never miss an opportunity to do an internship even if it is unpaid. This can be your path towards success.

Many International students are misguided when they are new and encouraged towards earning money. Just remember, having skills required for higher level jobs can help you to get jobs. If you don’t believe, then do some research on big organization and you will find many people working there from your country. However, to be one of them, you need a lot of hard work, dedication and determination.

If you are just planning to study in Australia, do a bit of research before your arrival and develop some skills accordingly. As a result, it will be easy for you to get a job.

Moreover, if you are good at computer then look for freelancing job. Many students are earning good amount of money through freelancing job. There are many websites which provides you opportunity to work as freelancers.

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