Essay Writing Example: The Recycled Building Yard and its sustainability

Essay Writing Example: The ecycled Building Yard and its sustainability

This is an essay writing example on the topic “The Recycled Building Yard and its Sustainability”. This essay was submitted by University Student for the purpose of reference. University student can used it as a guide to complete their University Assignment.

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Background to the Research:

This research focus on the different area such as the importance of recycled building yard to the today’s environment, how it decreases the need of creation and focus on recycling and mainly scrutinized on its sustainability. There is the impact in health and environment due to the disposal of used products, instead recycling of such products can improve the environment and protects human’s health (NSW Government, 2010). 

This essay will explain the green industries activity to promote these kinds of environment friendly products in the market and further more scrutinized in its sustainability in today’s world. The vital role of recycled building products resides in the decrease of creation of new product for industry and recreating the things.

Further, they are made from the products which are environmental friendly, which is the current most important things to the save the world from increasing temperature. The products that are converted into new products are especially comes from the recycled or second hand products. The mechanic of conversion and apparatus are more acceptable to be environment friendly (Lockwood, 2006, p. 166). The recycling Building Yard are separated in the different parts of Australia, such as Sydney, Blue Mountains, and other surrounding, which make it easier to reach and fulfil the customer demand easily.

This research is based on the assertion that ‘recycling is the best choice to save the environment’ due to its positive impact on the environment and human health. It protects the environment by saving of resources that ultimately push the crisis further and a decrease in the effects resulting from landfill for the disposal of waste. The motto that ‘recycling is good’ is best rather than disposal of waste or used products by landfill processes and the benefit that if products is reused by any means we do not need to extract from the environment resources which again save the resources (Clean Up Australia, 2009).

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Research Aim Statement:

The main purpose of this research is to identify the need of recycling building yard products in today’s world to protect the environment. It will explain the customer satisfaction towards such products and its sustainability in today’s competitive world.

Research Objective:

This research done on Recycling Building Yard consist the following objectives:

  • To identify the importance of products of Recycling Building Yard in today’s world.
  • To predict the future market of such products and its sustainability.
  • To identify the customer satisfaction towards the product and its durability.
  • To identify measure procedure of product manufacture and how it is environment friendly.

Although the data present in this research will be from both primary and secondary resources, but lack of capital and human resources, it may not be broad and completed that touches every aspects of this research. The Recycled Building Yard is one of the companies which are part of green building material industry in Australia; hence we cannot refer the same in all field of Australian industry or in any other nation.


In recent, Recycled Building Yard is a pioneer in green building sellers in Australia. The company focus on the provision of the recycled products that would be suitable for the environment in terms of sustainability and proper use of resource that may definitely push the resources crisis further. There are other companies also which produced the recycled products that aim to protect the environment. They are the only way of sustainable use of resources to avoid the resource crisis in future and to protect the environment. This research has assumption that the total environmental effect caused in recycling process is comparatively less than by disposal of waste materials and its impact on human health and environment.

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Data Requirements:

I am planning to use both primary data and secondary data. In case of primary data, it is hard to achieve 100% because of time costing and expensive, but asking the feedback from customers using this product, random question and answer on general people on the recycling building yard and its environmental friendly nature can provide me great aid to complete my research. This will help me to structure question according to the information I need to find such as the trend of buying such products, its durability, and reason to choose such products, ease of buying process, service standard and so on (Crowther & Lancaster, 2012).

Further I can conduct the polls and survey in social networking sites, blogs and get answers from group discussions. Further meeting with the pioneers in this field, such as lecturer and centre gathering will be helpful for the collection of primary data.

In case of Secondary data, I will collect information from both internal sources such as organisation reports, customer feedback, report on sales, data bases, information and external sources such as government polls, internet and website based information on sustainability and durability of such products, products degree of environmental friendly, manufacturing process and so on (Crowther & Lancaster, 2012).

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Research Process Method:

I will choose explanatory research approach for the collection and process of information to describe the patterns of sales of such products from the opening time to recent years, behaviours and feedback of customers on such products which rely on the use of mixed approach method (Jennings, 2010). Mixed approach method used both qualitative and quantitative data. In fact, they are also known as the integration of mixed approach (Creswell, 2014).

In addition, I need qualitative data to explain the trends and important of such products, sustainability of such products, manufacturing process. In other part quantitative data is needed to explain its degree of eco friendly, durability, choices among the customer, product variability which will help to present such data in graphical form or chart (Bergman, 2008). Mixed Research methods is suitable for this research process because it combines more than on form of research methods which is helpful to justify the questionnaire raised by the topic of work while completing it (Tashakkori & Teddlie, 1998)

Research Outcomes:

This research will focus on the business, ‘Recycling Building Yard’ that provides recycled building material products which decreases the necessity of creating and gives priority in recreating the same products by using second hand products and recycled products (Recycling Guide, 2003).

This research will provide the answer raised by the question on the sustainability of this business. It will help others for further research on its product degree of eco friendly. This research will find the answer of customer choice and their views on such products. Further this study clarifies, do customers use such products just to save the environment or really the products are durable and affordable with parallel to eco friendly. This research will clear the perceptions of people on such products as well as give the clear data of eco degree of such products.

Though the products may not match with the variation and durability or let’s say quality but the truth is it will save the environment in long extent, saving customer money, and by pushing the date of scarcity of resources further. So these kinds of business should be prioritizing by not only Australian government but also by all over the nations in the world to save the world from increasing temperature and resources crisis in future (Queensland Government, 2014).

Although, the research is very precise, but can open the door for several researches within the topics such as degree of environmental friendly on products made from recycling, only the product is eco friendly or manufacturing process too eco friendly, sustainability and durability of these products as comparison to other products and variation in the prices along with nature of products.

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