Essay Example: Increase in inbound tourism of Australia

essay example "Increase in inbound tourism of Australia

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Tourism plays the vital role in the Australian economy. The survey related to international inbound tourism published by Tourism Research Australia at the end of June 2015 shows that there was increased in International visitors by 7% where the expenditure done by visitors also increased by 10% (Tourism Research Australia, 2015). According to Mr. Tim Quinn, Assistant General Manager of TRA there is continuous increased in the inbound tourism of Australia which is equally benefit for both economy of Australia and tourism business (Tourism Research Australia, 2014).

Similarly, the decrease in the value of AUD lures the Western tourism in Australia in 2015 rather than emerging Asian market. Tourism Australia is promoting the aquatic and coastal fun in the budget of 40 million dollar in order to compete with other countries like USA, France and South Africa.

In addition, different promotional materials like 360 degree video, virtual reality, digital material and printed documents are used for the promotion of the different destination of Western Australia(Freed, 2015). These kinds of activities open the doors for international tourism in different new destination of Australia. According to the O’Sullivan the decrease in AUD value and same time increase in inflow of visitors helps to achieve high jump in expenditure done by international visitors which help to boost up the Australia economy (Ludlow, 2015).

Low AUD Benefits Australian Tourism Market

According to David Armour, Inbound tourism Operator of Australia the decrease in the value of AUD from past 18 months has benefits the Australia in the growth of international visitors. This makes the visitors easy to choose Australia as Travel destination. The tourism industry is getting the benefit at the right time due to the lower AUD. In other hand there is high increase in inbound tourism as well as their expenditure (Ludlow, 2015).

According to Australian bureau of statistics there is high jump in the number of tourism arrival in Australia from last 12 months and big jump in the spending by visitors. 7.2 millions International visitors have arrived in Australia in 2015 for the first time in the history of Australia (Ludlow, 2015). The highest number of the international tourism comes from China, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and USA simultaneously in context of number in this year. Visitors from China increased by 20 % as comparison to last year and are in the race of winning the number of visitors from New Zealand. The downfall in the AUD has lure tourism in Australia and help in the economy of Australia. But as increased in the number of visitors different service providers cannot boost of the quality of service (Ludlow, 2015).

Tourism Australia multi campaign to lure visitors

Different campaign had been organized by Tourism Australia to promote the different destinations of Australia which include Rottnest Island of western Australia, 3 Capes walk, Katherine of Northern Territory and different aquatic and coastal fun. Tourism Australia is in move of $40 million promotional campaign of aquatic and coastal attraction. This will definitely help to boost up the international tourism in Australia.

Further, the fall in the AUD is the right time to expense more money in the promotion of different destination of Australia. It will not only attract the visitors to visit the Australia but also to spend more money due to the fall in Value of AUD. This will helps to increase the demand of product made in Australia and to address this Australia need more manpower which will helps to increase the economy of Australia (Freed, 2015). The behaviors of tourism differ from one country to another. For example: Western visitors like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling but in case of Chinese they love to watch penguins and whales (Freed, 2015).

Growth in the spending of International Visitors

The growth of international tourism is rapidly increasing after the shutdown of mining boom. The expenditure by the international visitors in the food and wine has been increased rapidly which contribute the strongest portion in the expenditure. Within the last 12 months there has been 10% rose in spending. Out of these spending 32% is from Chinese tourist and 39% is contributed from Indian tourist which is due to the ICC cricket world cup. China has play vital role in the growth of tourism sector in Australia.

Government has announced 10 years multiple visa for China and sign the landmark aviation deal between China and Australia which has the capacity of 67,000 seats within a week. This will be in operation at the end of year 2016(Freed, 2015).

According to managing director of Tourism Australia, international visitors spend their one of five dollars in food and wine in Australia. From the last 18 months, food and wine experience play the vital role to lure the international tourism in Australia.

There is subsequent rose in the arrival of international tourism which helps to boost the economy in tourism from last 18 months (Freed, 2015). If we see the data visitors from the China rose by 22%, USA 9% and New Zealand 3% and India 20%. This clearly shows all the campaign and strategies performed by Tourism Australia has favored the Australian tourism market and economy and in other hand low AUD act as catalyst to lure the international visitors (Freed, 2015).


In nutshell, the growth in the international tourism has been increased since last 18 months. The downfall in the value of AUD has lured the international visitors to visit the Australia comparison to other nations. The different campaign and strategy organized by Tourism Australia using different materials to promote the destination also help to increase the number of visitors. As the number of visitors increases, the spending of visitors also increases due to low AUD. The statistics from Australian Bureau shows that there is increases of 6.5% international visitors as well as and around 10% increase in expenditure in last 12 months which has increased the contribution of tourism in the economy of Australia.

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