Best PUBG Tips And Tricks

PUBG best tips and Tricks

It is not difficult to understand the popularity of the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlefield (PUBG). The competitiveness of the game, the graphics at the console level and the ability to play with friends from anywhere in the world. If you like to play in your spare time, check out the best PUBG tips and tricks below to enjoy a classic mode chicken dinner.

Jumping at the right moment is key

Jumping off the plane and moving to the correct position on the battlefield will determine how the game progresses. Choosing a landing point is very important. This will help you collect plenty of supplies before entering battle. It can also help you leave the battlefield immediately after landing, such as Pochinki on the Ranchir map. This is one of the best PUBG tips and tricks which will definitely help you to progress on game. 

Parachute at the highest speeds possible

After jumping, you must move quickly and hit the ground before other players can enter. After that, they started shooting at you with a gun to make sure the enemy was killed as soon as possible. The maximum jump speed is 220 km / h. This can be accomplished by looking directly at the ground and sliding it to the desired side.

Never come to a standstill

PUBG Mobile is a fast-paced game. One thing you should always keep in mind is not to stay in one place, but to worry. Because if you stand there, either aiming at the target or looting the box, the opponent is likely to take you down in a sweet moment and therefore shoot you in the head. Because it is very simple.

The more you move, the harder it is for the enemy to aim. Better to let the enemy keep changing direction to keep guessing his own direction. If you continue, the enemy will be able to predict your position and start shooting.

If it is found and there is no coverage nearby, it will randomly run to a safe position and add some jumps to the move, so it won’t be hit by bullets. For me, this is one of the best PUBG tips and tricks, i usually follow.

Closing doors can help you gain advantage

I remember my parents being scolded many times and closing the door when I left home. You may not have. However, using PUBG Mobile for this operation has many benefits.

After correctly collecting all the necessary materials, weapons and ammunition, camp in the building, waiting for the player to rush in and sit quietly in the building.

After seeing the door closed, other players filed for bankruptcy as if they had the job. In this way, you can scare and kill them. You don’t have to close the door, nor do you need a player to repeat.

How to beat closed people

 We now know that players can hide in locked rooms to take advantage of unprotected players. You are smart, you just have to throw a grenade or Molotov at the door. This will cause the door to break and open, causing significant damage to the player hidden in it. Do not hesitate in any house, because at least one of each house is located here, so the number of grenades and Molotov will be reduced.

Grab the box wisely

After killing the enemy, you may want to rush into the kill box and loot all useful items. But I think I will keep this momentum and wait for a while in a nice hidden place. This way, you can check if there are other players looking for your reward or if they are looking for you while you are roaming. If you confirm, no one is there. You can rush to pay for theft.

Use the simulator

One is that the controls take up more than 50% of the screen. If you play on a PC emulator, these problems don’t exist. Some people may point out that this is fraud, but the company believes it is not. You can download a free official PC emulator called “Friend of Tencent Games”. Playing games on the emulator also has the advantage of allowing you to control your character using the mouse and keyboard. But to be fair, the mobile version of PUBG can be paired with players who play on the simulator instead of the phone. This one is the best PUBG tips and tricks for many youtubers. 

You won’t feel ducks hidden in the bushes

Sometimes the last circle is completely open and you cannot hide the building. On the other hand, sitting in a car will only allow you to ride a duck. The bush is the best hiding place you can go to. The long bush in PUBG Mobile completely hides the character.

Even if you don’t notice it’s there, you can easily cross the player and lie down in the bushes. So you can shoot them, they want to know where to shoot. Remember, bushes are not ideal hiding places. According to the game algorithm, no one can see the bushes 200 meters away and can easily identify the range, so it can only be used as a last resort.


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